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Planes of Tupolev`s Bureau

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22.12.2013 01:41

Experimental design Tupolev`s Bureau emerged in 1922.

From the first years of its existence the design Bureau became the pioneer of the Soviet aviation industry to develop fullmetal aircraft.

Bureau won 78 world records due the planes of the brand "ANT" and "TU". Bureau performed 28 unique long-distance flights including the flight from the USSR to the USA over the North pole. It made landing at the North pole polar station SP-1 by expedition of I.D.Papanin. It made the operation to rescue the crew of the steamship "Chelyuskin" jammed in the polar ice.

From 1922 to 1972 year the permanent head of the OKB was academician Tupolev.

In 50 years the enterprise team created the world's first commercial passenger jet which became the ancestor of a family of jet aircraft: TU-124, TU-134, TU-154 and TU-204.

At the 15th of September of 1956 plane TU-104 opened the era of jet passenger aviation.

The emergence of TU-134A in 1971, TU-154 in 1972 became a significant event in the development of new more advanced technology. Plane deserved the recognition of the pilots due to the ease of piloting and good stability. It should be noted its high operational technological effectiveness. Installed on the aircraft auxiliary power unit ensures the independence of its service from land based sources of supply.

TU-144 was the first supersonic passenger aviation of the USSR. It made his first flight on December 31, 1968.

Tu-204 Soviet/Russian medium haul passenger aircraft was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s in Tupolev`s Bureau to replace airlines passenger plane Tu-154. Tu-204 is applied by electric distance control system, electronic digital control system of engines with full responsibility (FADEC), supercritical wing profiles, blocks of equipment with digital calculators and other innovations have not been used on previous generations of airplanes.

About 20 modifications which differ in purpose, flight characteristics, type of engine and its onboard equipment were created on the basis of the main variant of Tu-204. The family of aircraft Tu-204/ 214 includes passenger, cargo, special and VIP-modification.

Tu-334 – short haul turbojet aircraft for 102 passenger, flight range of 3150 km with an estimated commercial load. The first flight of the Tu-334-100 was held on the 8th of February 1999.

Tu-334 is created on the basis of perspective development in the field of aerodynamics, design, materials science, avionics and equipped with highly cost effective engines. It has allowed to get high aerodynamic characteristics and low maintenance costs.

Tu-334 is one of the list of aircrafts of Tupolev Tu-334-100, Tu-204-300, Tu-204, Tu-214 providing transportation from 70 to 210 passengers for range from 500 up to 9000 km

Tu-334-100 complies to Russian and international airworthiness standards, fits the prospective requirements of ICAO and EUROCONTROL: availability of reserve of noise levels, emissions, modern requirements for separation, navigation, etc. Aircraft equipped with modern highly cost effective engines with high resource.