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Antonov`s Bureau “planes for any aerodrome”

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22.12.2013 01:42

Design Bureau was created in 1946. It focuses mainly on creating transport aircraft. The founder of a numerous family of aircraft with the brand "AN" is a well known agricultural aircraft An-2. In subsequent years transport aircraft An-8, An-12, An-24Т, An-22 and An-26, passenger An-10, An-24 aircraft of short take-off and landing An-14, An-28, aerial photography An-30 and others were in the air one after another. On the basis of these aircraft more than 80 specialized modifications has established.

Plane An-2 was created in 1946-1947 as agricultural aircraft. It has piston engine AL-62IR designed by А.Shvetsov with a takeoff power of 1000 PS. It  has a good take-off and landing characteristics, simple and dependable design. He had been in serial production during 30 years.

In 1957 the first plane An-12 rose into the sky. It was designed for transportation of oversized cargo and various equipment weighing up to 20 tons. Flight range is up to 6,000 km.

Plane An-14 ("Bee") flew up in the sky in 1958. The main aim set before ourselves designers is to develop aircraft capable of taking off and landing on very small sites.

An-24 aircraft was designed for 52 passengers with two turboprop engines of AI-24 power 2550 PS made its first passenger flight in 1952. 30 modifications of the aircraft have been developed on its basis including An-26 transport, aircraft An-30 specialized aerial photography and other.

In 1973 An-28 multipurpose light aircraft of short take-off and landing with two turbine engines firstly performed its flight.

Aircraft An-32 created in 1976 is a modification of the aircraft An-26. It is intended for transportation of people and goods on the lines of short and medium haul and also for use in sanitary and other variants.

Airplane An-22 heavy transport aircraft "Antey" with cabin diameter of 6 meters made the first flight in 1965. An-22 is intended for transportation on the far distances of heavy and oversized cargo. Its cargo compartment greatly exceed the dimensions of railway carriage. That allows to transport cargoes, surpassing the railway dimensions, for example: earth-moving and construction machines, drilling equipment, heavy trucks, buses, and tractors, boats etc.

In August 1977 new cargo jet An-72 made its first flight. It is intended for replacement of the aircraft An-26. This aircraft has a very short runway on take-off and short run after landing. High cross-country capability allows it to land and take off from unpaved airfields. The cruising speed of the aircraft is 600-720 km/hour. Cargo cabin enables to accommodate cargo in standard containers 1,9x2,4x1,5 m weight up to 5 tons.

The pride of Antonov`s engineering Bureau is unmatched Ukrainian «Dream»  «Mriya». An-225 is transport jet of ultra-capacity.

The plane was designed and built in the years from 1984-1988. The first flight was made on the 21st of December 1988. Initially it was conceived two aircrafts. Currently one aircraft is in flying condition and operated by the Ukrainian company Antonov Airlines.

The reason of construction of the An-225 was a necessity of creation of the air transport system for the project reusable space Shuttle «Buran». The main purpose of the heavy transport aircraft was transportation of various components of the carrier rocket and the spacecraft from the place of production and assembly to the starting place. There was also an important task of delivery of the space Shuttle to the launch site in the event of a landing him on the reserve airfields. Furthermore it was intended to use the An-225 as the first step of the system of air launch the spacecraft which required the plane carrying capacity not less than 250 tons.

As the blocks rocket «Energia» and «Buran» were of the dimensions exceeding dimensions of the cargo compartment of an An-225 the aircraft was fastening of external cargo. Despite the original specific goal of creating the «Mriya» it has all the qualities of the universal transport aircraft.