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Activity of «CRAFT-TECHNIC» LTD is sale of aircraft equipment and organization of repair of aircraft equipment of helicopters and airplanes of Russian and Ukrainian production:

  • Landing systems
  • Units of hydraulic aircraft systems
  • Brake discs
  • Organic and heated glazing
  • Nozzles
  • Hoses
  • Repair of aviation equipment
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Yakovlev`s Bureau

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22.12.2013 01:42

In 1924 the 18-year-old Alexander Yakovlev together with his friends built a glider AWF-10. Unsuccessful flights at a rally of the gliders in the Crimea determined the fate of the future designer.

In 1927 A.S. Yakovlev designed and built in the workshops of the Academy of air fleet in Moscow his first plane - light double aviette AIR-1.

The official birth of a new Experimental Design Bureau was held in 1934 when A.S. Yakovlev and his assistants had already about a dozen of different aircrafts. One of them was triple seated "air car" AIR-6 was put into mass production. Another mail monoplane AIR-7 showed record of flight speed of over 300 km/hour.

In the years of the great Patriotic war excellent military aircraft-fighters were produced: YAK-1, YAK-3, YAK-7, YAK-9. After the war Yakovlev design Bureau continued to work on the creation of light-engine aviation.

In 1967 in the air parade General public for the first time met with YAK-40,  the world's first jet aircraft for domestic flights.

The YAK-42 aircraft is designed to carry 100-120 passengers with luggage, mail and an additional cargo. The maximum payload is 14,5 tons. Cruising speed is of 800-850 km/h, flight range is of 1,850 km. However the fuel tanks capacity allows to increase the maximum flight range of up to 3000 km.